Sell through us

If you are an automotive spare parts vendor, we are facilitating opportunity for you, to sell your product all over India. You have simple procedure to start selling through ausiiz. You can sell unlimited products for without any setup fee. We charge only service charge upto 10% of order value.

Shipping Partners support our tracking system.

Selling Process

Register as a seller in’s free). Then you will get a seller dashboard. After that update your dashboard.

From seller dashboard, you can add products to sell online. Your uploaded products will be visible within 24 hours after verification. Restricted products will not be verified and it will be removed without notice.

After your products visible in ausiiz, you may receive orders at anytime. So check your seller dashboard for  updates. It will always update everything associated with your account and products.
Upon receiving order, ausiiz receive payment of the order in ausiiz PayPal Account. Ausiiz release the payment to the seller only after the completion of delivery of order. Ausiiz deduct the service charge from the order value before transferring to seller.

Your order always notified in your dashboard as soon as ausiiz received. Every received order must shipped by the seller within 24 hours, through any of our integrated(listed above) shipping partners.

After shipping of order, seller must update tracking information in seller dashboard associated with each orders.

Ausiiz hold the received payment until delivery completion. After completion, within 48 hours, seller receive their payment in bank account or PayPal account.