What is E-storz™?

E-storz™ is an e-commerce hosting server program  for WordPress Websites. E-storz™ is designed  and owned by Webzieh Creations. E-storz™ includes platform designing and hosting. And also it includes free Android Application of the e-commerce project.

There are two basic requirement to develop a website. They are a server and a domain. E-storz™ is providing server for e-commerce projects, along with free full featured theme, which is worth 59$ for a year. And also providing a full featured SEO plugin which is worth 39$ for a year.
What makes E-storz™ different from other hosting companies? 

1. Lowest price and best service in the industry.
2. We design & host for you. 

3. All small well performing server by any hosting company required minimum 7.5K Rupees for the first year. E-storz™ help you to save more than 65% of your money.

4. Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server space.

5. E-storz™ is WordPress based hosting service, so all plugins available for wordpress can be use get all features.

 6. We develop a free customer oriented Android Application for each customer. And we upload Android Application to the customer’s google play console without charges.

7. Lifetime free updating. 

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